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M1 Support Services, L.P.


M1 Support Services offers comprehensive solutions to our customer’s requirements. To learn more, select from the solutions below.

Aviation Support

M1 Support Services provides clients with end-to-end solutions that range from meeting daily servicing and maintenance requirements to extensive modifications, overhauls and system upgrades. We provide organizational, intermediate and depot level maintenance and related support services for any type of aircraft around the globe.

  • Aircraft Maintenance and Modifications
  • Aircraft Fleet Management
  • Contractor Logistics Support and Life Cycle Contractor Support (CLS/LCCS)
  • Complete Aftermarket Maintenance and Material Management
  • Program Management
  • Aircrew Services
  • Operations and Maintenance Training
  • Quality Control
  • Kit Manufacture and Installation
  • Non-Destructive Testing/Inspection (NDT/NDI)
  • Airfield Management
  • Secure, 24 x 7 web-based status reporting via easy point and click interfaces
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Supply Chain Management

By integrating data "upstream" (with suppliers) and "downstream" (with users), Supply Chain Management (SCM) creates a “value stream” that improves the lead time of product deliveries, reduces costs, and allows better management of current resources and planning for future needs. Supply Chain Management services can be provided as end-to-end solutions or in modules that can enhance current legacy logistics systems.

  • Acquisition Management
  • Inventory Optimization
  • RFID/ UID Solutions
  • Trend Analysis
  • High Velocity Maintenance Solutions
  • Space Management and Optimization
  • Kit Design and Manufacturing
  • SCM Software Implementation
  • Diminishing Sources Services
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Virtual Warehousing
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Logistics Support

Our logistics solutions are designed to ensure the right resource is available at the right price and quantity when and where needed. From managing a warehouse to studies and analysis, M1 logisticians can provide customized solutions to support complex maintenance operations or operate existing supply operations within traditional customer frameworks.

  • Order, Stock, Issue
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Transportation Services
  • Warranty Management
  • Trend Analysis
  • Property Control and Management
  • Material Handling Equipment Repair and Support
  • Logistics Training
  • Contractor Logistics Support/Life Cycle Support
  • Space Management and Optimization
  • Kit Design and Manufacturing
  • MOBAG Issue/Management
  • Aviation Life Support Equipment Inspection/Repair/Issue
  • Equipment and Uniform Issue
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Training Services

Nothing serves as a stronger force multiplier than well-trained soldiers, sailors, airmen and support personnel. M1’s training capabilities use highly experienced and certified trainers and educational professionals to ensure the technical proficiency, safety and security of each person trained. From classrooms, to flight simulators, to hangar floors, to the field, M1 trainers go when and where needed to deliver comprehensive training programs.

  • Curriculum Development
  • Computer-based Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Simulator Instruction
  • Courseware Development
  • Training and Certification Records Maintenance and Systems
  • Distributed Learning Solutions
  • On-the-job Training
  • Instructional Systems Design
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IT Services

From designing custom IT solutions, to maintaining legacy systems, M1 has the tools, expertise and technical reachback to provide information technology services that meet the dynamic challenges of today and tomorrow. Enabling sound decision making by delivering timely and critical information, M1 can develop, install, maintain, protect and service a wide range of IT and communication systems and infrastructure.

  • Computer Systems Operation and Support
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Network Management
  • Database Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Technology Refresh Plans
  • Life Cycle Plans
  • Network and Internet Security
  • Back Office Support
  • Systems Integration
  • Programming Support
  • Printer/Document Solutions
  • Deployment Services for Migrations
  • Data Migration
  • Data Encryption
  • Help Desk Implementation
  • Configuration Management
  • Remote Access and Remote Administration
  • Asset Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Legacy Systems Support and Training
  • Web Development
  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Systems Implementation and Maintenance
  • Decision Modeling
  • Consultation Services to Audit Policies and Procedures
  • Telecommunications Support
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Facilities and Equipment

With increasing cost control pressures for infrastructure support and equipment maintenance, Government agencies must be creative in finding best value contractors who can deliver cost effective services without sacrificing quality, responsiveness or eliminating essential functions. M1’s approach focuses on customer priorities and providing the optimal mix of technology and manpower to cost effectively deliver the desired results.

  • Work Control and Integrated Master Schedules
  • Work Management Software Solutions and Implementations
  • Secure, web-based status reporting via easy point and click interfaces
  • Facilities Maintenance Services
  • Range Control Facility Operation and Maintenance
    • Video
    • Radar
    • Telemetry
    • Communications
  • Systems Maintenance
    • Electrical
    • Electronic
    • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
    • Plumbing
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) Maintenance and Repair
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
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Process Improvement

M1’s Kaizen Section implements lean processes throughout each work center and focuses on continuous improvement for efficiency and quality output, as well as proven methodologies such as Visual Workplace and lean studies. This is a radical departure from traditional approaches to aviation maintenance service contracts where minimum staffing forestalls a contractor’s ability to focus on production process improvements. In the long term, M1’s strategic lean plan allows us to meet the changing mission support tasks by focusing on maximizing the effectiveness of existing resources rather than simply asking for more personnel and equipment which drive costs higher.

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean Studies
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